Larshall Maw

Human Charlatan Bard


Larshall’s only real goals in life seem to be partying, becoming wealthy, and making friends, although he tends to keep most people at a certain distance. Larshall is never too keen on staying in one place for too long, at most he looks forward to a few hours of rest after a long time of partying, or as it seems lately, escaping mysterious dungeons.

He doesn’t seem to put much thought into most of his decisions, although he doesn’t seem particularly stupid, just anxious. His willingness to jump head first into certain situations has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion in his time. It has also sometimes resulted in great reward. In a group setting, it seems like Larshall is the kind of person who would make rash decisions and drag others along, taking all the credit if things go well and finding someone or something else to blame if things go horribly wrong. He can be reasoned with sometimes, but only with people who he seems to hold in high regard.

Larshall hates spiders.

Larshall Maw

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